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The Campaign Movie Review by Adam Sirdoreus

The Campaign has a very talented cast behind it. Will Ferrell, Zach Galifinackis, Jason Sudekis, Dylan McDermott, John Lithgow, and Dan Akroryd are the main pieces here. But it really is Ferrell and Galfinackis’ film. If they don’t deliver good laughs and or work well together, the entire film would be pointless and it could easily fall apart the second the film begins.

Luckily, that is not the case with The Campaign. It is actually a very hilarious film, both Ferrell and Galifinackis have their fair share of laughs but they leave room for the supporting cast to have even their moments to shine. Their chemistry and back and forth humor and cruelty to each other is just so entertaining to watch. It has some of the most memorable jokes this year.

The Campaign follows Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) who is pretty much the generic congressman that has the most votes, but the thing is there is no one else in the entire town that is running. So it’s a walk in the park for him, but when two CEOs seize an opportunity to oust Cam by putting up a rival candidate. Their man: naive Marty Huggins (Zach Galifinackis), director of the local Tourism Center.

One of my favorite parts of the film is how much it represents and pokes fun of the stereotypical politics. Each character represents one of the many stereotypes you can find, and I thank the writers for writing this so cleverly. But if those type of jokes aren’t your cup of tea the film has plenty of other jokes to follow. It’s a very raunchy film and very consistent from start to finish.

The film does compare well with the other comedies that have come out this year. I really enjoyed The Watch, despite the negative reviews around it. I thought Ted was hilarious and somewhat original. The Campaign is easily funnier than both of those but in my opinion 21 Jump Street is still the funniest film of the year so far. Though, I will still be picking this film up on Blu-Ray when it is released.

There aren’t many flaws, It’s just a really funny, silly, and enjoyable comedy. But when it does go in the serious direction it does start to lower the laughs at points, and the serious direction the film has to offer isn’t very interesting or involving, I personally would have liked to see a bit more jokes in that dry spot. But maybe that’s asking for to much because of how much they were already delivering.

Overall : The Campaign is a hilarious, fun ride from start to finish and I highly recommend everyone to see it.

I give The Campaign a B+



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