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The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Review by Adam Sirdoreus

Christopher Nolan finally brings us the long awaited conclusion to my favorite trilogy , “The Dark Knight Rises” . Now that it’s here I’m proud to say I found The Dark Knight Rises to be a perfect conclusion to the trilogy. It’s a masterpiece and just one of the most satisfying films I’ve ever seen before. There are no words for how epic it is and how well it concludes the trilogy.

All of the cast here is great. Christian Bale returns as Bruce Wayne/Batman, This film takes place eight years after The Dark Knight. Batman has taken the fall for the crimes of Two-Face (Harvey Dent). So Bruce Wayne doesn’t know what to do with himself, he is lonely and never leaves his house. The only person he really has is Alfred. Speaking of which, Michael Caine is brilliant in the film, he had me on the edge of tears at one point.

Anne Hathaway nearly steals the show as Catwoman/ Selina Kyle , she is slick and her line delivery is perfect. Exactly what Catwoman should be. Tom Hardy is a great villain here as Bane, he is really menacing and you can tell he went all out to get in shape for this role. Gary Oldman is great as Gordon, as usual. I always enjoy his character and chemistry with Bale. Joseph Gordon Levitt is a really good side character, he has a lot of effect on the plot and his performance is great.

As far as the rest of the cast – Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard, etc. are all great, not a single bad performance here. The writing here is great, it is smart dialogue and the film is perfectly plotted. A lot of twists and turns throughout.  With this great script, the film manages to keep you very interested despite the nearly three hour running time. Bruce Wayne’s struggles to become Batman again.

I really liked the way Bane’s character was written. He knows Gotham is riding on a lie, he knows there is no Batman, and he knows if there is another villain coming in like The Joker, It will just be the cops so they can’t do much about that. That’s what I really liked about him, he’s smart yet destructive and intimidating physically and mentally. He really is the perfect villain and we have Tom Hardy to thank for adapting him perfectly.

The action and visuals in the film are great, throughout we get a lot of cool action sequences. Especially the last forty or fifty minutes, it’s a full out epic battle in the city between Batman, the cops, Bane, and his army.All of which are perfectly shot. The visuals in the film are great, one specifically is The Bat, which is pretty much like the Batwing, but of course they don’t call it that. It’s done really well and I liked the design of it a lot, It looked very realistic.

The first half of the film rides on showing what Gotham is like, where all these characters have gone. What is Gordon up to, What is Bruce up to, What is Lucius up to? Is Gotham a clean city or is it terrible now? It builds up the destruction of Gotham from Bane throughout. Then the second half relies on the struggle of Bruce Wayne to become the Batman again. Shake off the weakness.

Once we get into the last fifty minutes or so of the film, It gets extremely intense. I have never seen such a gripping third act before. But, the last four or five minutes of the film.. Wow. Honestly, one of the best endings ever put to film. I know that is a bold statement and if it gets me hate, It gets me hate. I honestly do not care, because this ending was pitch perfect. I just haven’t felt this satisfied with a film before.

Overall It’s a perfect Batman film in my opinion, It shows that Batman can be broken at times. But it proves he is something more than just a man, something more than just Bruce Wayne. He is a symbol for Gotham and a hero.

I give The Dark Knight Rises an A+. I’m certain this will be in my top five films at the end of the year, if not my favorite film.


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