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Ice Age: Continental Drift Review by Adam S.

I hate to be that one guy that has to say this, but I think it’s time for these animals to retire. The Ice Age franchise has been running for about ten years now. The last one made a billion dollars, so of course they are going to make a fourth installment. I like the first one a lot, It was a different animated film then what we were seeing back then. The second film is fine, It has it’s moments here and there but it isn’t nearly as good as the first.

The third film is entertaining and inventive. It went back to the original roots of the first film. Now we are here with the fourth film, and this is honestly the laziest excuse of an animated film I have seen in quite sometime. Everything here is so recycled, there is no originality and not once does the film even attempt to entertain someone other than small children, and even they may get bored in this!

It’s not a terrible film. It’s just really unoriginal and unneeded. But let’s start with the good things about it. The animation here is great, it’s bright and colorful. You can tell that the design team put effort into creating the visuals. Scrat, the main promoter of the franchise and the Squirrel who has been chasing an acorn for ten years now. He’s always my favorite part of these things and I enjoyed every scene with him.

Sadly, we aren’t with Scrat the whole film. Maybe ten minutes at most, the plot we have going on here follows the lovable animals that we met throughout the franchise. Specifically Diego, Sid, and Many. Along with Many’s wife, Ellie, and their daughter, Peaches. The continents drift and the family is separated leaving Ellie and Peaches with a bunch of outcasts to survive while Many, Sid, and Diego are stranded and being chases by pirates while trying to find their way home.

My main problem with this film is the message it tries to sell. It’s always fine to have a good, decent family value in the film. But this is really annoying because while the message is good, it is presented in such an annoyingly eye rolling way with a bunch of famous pop artists voicing the “bullies” (ex. Niki Minaj , Drake.). Never once does it try to surprise you or take it in a non-been there, done that route. It’s all predictable and see it coming from a mile away.

I know, I know. It’s the fourth film in a children’s franchise. I get it. But the Ice Age franchise also needs to meet us halfway with entertainment where we can accept the laziness in creativity. Some kids might enjoy the bright colors and silly situations that the characters get them selves into. If they liked the last three, they will like this one. That’s perfectly fine, but I don’t like animated films that can’t apply to everyone.

It’s just a really dry animated film with not many redeeming qualities but it also isn’t so terrible that I’d give it an awful rating.

So, My final rating: C-



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