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The Amazing Spider-Man

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original Spider-Man trilogy but back when
we were clear from any sort of information, no casting, no director, when it was first announced that Sony was rebooting arguably the most successful superhero franchise (for the time it was out). I, like many others were not very happy. But after getting footage, pictures, casting, and a great director many including myself were starting to warm up to the idea of this reboot.

So we are here, the reboot is about to be released and I was really looking
forward to seeing it. I was lucky enough to see it recently in IMAX 3D. As
I said earlier I am not a huge fan of the original franchise but that being
said I loved this reboot, it is really an incredible superhero film. Marc
Webb has made a second masterpiece.

Let’s go into the performances. Andrew Garfield is a fantastic Spider-Man.
Not only by his appearance and physical ability but the way he talks,
cracked jokes while taking down bad guys. He was better than Toby. Emma
Stone is fantastic as Gwen Stacey, 100 times more likable than Kristen
Dunst. Rhys Ifans is great as The Lizard and Dennis Leary is very good as
Captain George Stacey.

The action in the film is very nicely shot and coregraphed. The practical
swinging surprisingly mixes in well with the visuals in the film. The CGI
for The Lizard I was skeptical about going in but it really grew on me as
the film went on. The action scenes in the past three were good but there
wasn’t anything memorable. But here, Both the bridge and school fights are some of the best I’ve seen this year.

The Director here is Marc Webb and something I was looking forward to
seeing from him is good chemistry between Peter and Gwen because he
directed 500 Days of Summer which in my opinion is the best romantic film
in many years. Sure enough there was great chemistry and writing not only
between them but the whole cast, the writing seems genuine. Realistic,
even. Also, The soundtrack to the film is great, that is a small detail I
had to add in.

Did we desperately need this reboot? No. But I am glad we got it because we have earned a true Spider-Man film. A masterpiece of a superhero film that goes way deeper into the origins of Spiderman than the original and in more detail and depth explains why he does what he does. I’m surprised how much I loved this movie, I even would say I enjoyed it just as much as I did The Avengers. I’m still shocked I made that statement.

I’ve been trying to find a flaw for this film and I can’t, so I’m going to
do the only thing I can.

I give The Amazing Spider-Man an A+


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