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The Dark Knight Rises – Midnight Plans

So, Like many of you I’m excited to see The Dark Knight Rises. I’m leaving in a few hours, and I will write my review as soon as I get home. I’ve been, well, anticipating (Trying to find a different word than anticipating, but my vocabulary is rather shitty.) this film since the credits for […]

Ice Age: Continental Drift Review by Adam S.

I hate to be that one guy that has to say this, but I think it’s time for these animals to retire. The Ice Age franchise has been running for about ten years now. The last one made a billion dollars, so of course they are going to make a fourth installment. I like the […]

The Amazing Spider-Man

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original Spider-Man trilogy but back when we were clear from any sort of information, no casting, no director, when it was first announced that Sony was rebooting arguably the most successful superhero franchise (for the time it was out). I, like many others were not very happy. But […]