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50/50 *****

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? Yes. Odds are, We’ve all met or know someone who has or had cancer, It’s not very pretty and fun, It’s a terrible disease. I’d know that because both of my grandparents died of it and my aunt is struggling with it right now, Going into 50/50 I didn’t […]

Moneyball **** 1/2

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? Yes. Every year we need a good sports movie, Just to fill us up for the one that will come out next year. For Example, In 2009 we got The Blind Side, in 2010 we got The Fighter, and this year we were lucky enough to have TWO Great […]

Killer Elite ***

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? Yes. There are four wide released movies coming out this weekend, three are based on a true story, and one is a Twilight-Star cash grab, I’m sure Dolphin Tale and Moneyball are a little more factual then Killer Elite is, not saying that Killer Elite isn’t a very fun […]

Abduction **

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? No. Big budget action films that guys want to see? Nah, That’s old school. Let’s have a Low Budget Action film and thow in the kid from Twilight to make it not only that, but a Low Budget Action Film for Twi-Hards, Because throughout my screening I heard “OH […]

Drive *****

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? Yes, Rush Out To See It! I usually start off my reviews with a really cheesy pun, but with this one I’m going to switch the gears. Ha, Switch Gears. Alright, Sorry. Drive follows well…Driver (Ryan Gosling), who is does stunts on movie sets with cars for a living […]

Straw Dogs ** 1/2

    Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? No. It just wouldn’t be hollywood without us going a couple of weeks without a remake coming out, right? Yes. Now I will say I was quite surprised with remakes such as Fright Night and The Karate Kid, and the fact is that this version of Straw […]

Contagion *** 1/2

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? Yes. We’ve all been sick before, obviously. But could the next ‘leave work’ sickness’ kill you? It seems that way with Contagion where in this reality all you really have to do is touch a door knob, pick up a glass of water, or even press a elevator button […]