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Another Earth ****

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? Yes. It’s an odd life, sometimes I’m sure most of us imagine if there is someone else out there, just like us. Another Earth takes that idea and turns it into something a lot more complex. He turns that idea into what if there was Another Earth out there, We’d call […]

Colombiana ***

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? Yes. “Never Forget Where You Came From!” That line is played so much in the trailer I almost did not want to see this movie, but surprisingly they only used the line once in the whole movie so I have no Idea why they dragged it out so much […]

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark ** 1/2

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? No. Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark comes to us from the very talented Guillermo Del Toro, It has been in production for a while now and it’s finally being released and If I’m not mistaken I think it has been pushed back once or twice, if not more. […]

Conan the Barbarian * 1/2

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? No. I already reviewed one remake this week, Oh wait…What’s that random person? This isn’t a remake? Then what is it? A Movie Supposively Based on the comics? No Man, Face it…It’s a remake/reboot. So Conan The Barbarian follows…Well, Conan The Barbarian who goes on a quest across the […]

Fright Night ****

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters, In 3D? Yes. Fright Night is the remake to the 1985 Classic, and let’s face it, there aren’t many good remakes out there. I liked The Karate Kid from last year, That is the perfect example of how a remake should be done, but other than that remakes can […]

Final Destination 5 ***

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters, In 3D? Yes. It’s August, The End of the summer movie season and it can mean that some movies have really annoying commericals pressuring you into seeing they’re films just because you know, it’s not summer anymore, and they weren’t smart enough to release them earlier if they are […]

30 Minutes or Less *** 1/2

Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters? Yes. 30 Minutes or Less follows Nick (Jesse Eisenberg), a slacker pizza delivery boy who doesn’t take anything seriously and just pretty much get’s high and delivers pizza’s. Dwayne (Danny McBride) and his friend Travis (Nick Swardson) plot to kill Dwayne’s father by hiring an assassin to do so, but they […]